Hideaway in the Wild

A world of recreational activities, storytelling and unique accommodation!

East Iceland Price on request All year Accommodation & Recreation

Step Into The Wild

Let's guide you to a peaceful hideaway, located right by the edge of Northern Europe’s biggest wilderness. Every detail at the premises has been remade in the original style to make you feel if you are taking part in an adventure of the past. The buildings, interior decorations, food, activities and hosts all play a vital role in this experience.

The Accommodation

The accommodation offered is integrated into the museum, and thus you will spend both night and day in the “Wilderness World.”

Local Food

Enjoy the full experience of the Icelandic kitchen in a unique dining environment. Great food, cooked from scratch from local ingredients!

Hot Spring Spa

Treat yourself to a complimentary visit to the bath house, consisting of an authentic style hot spring, a sauna and a relaxation room with a hammock and a fireplace.


A fascinating exhibition showcasing Icelandic wilderness history, nature and the life of the original inhabitants of the farm.

Day Tours & Recreational Activities

During your stay you have the option of variety of exciting day tours and activities. Explore magnificent nature and historical sites either riding, hiking or biking!

Multi Day Tours

Take full advantage of the unique location and enjoy the various packages and tailor made tours, available from this "Wilderness World."

From 629 USD

/per person
Local food and delicaties
2 days/ 1 night

Authentic Iceland with locals

Mix of action, history and great food experience in an authentic environment.

From 519 USD

/per person
Christmas feeling in Iceland
2 days/ 1 night

Old-time Icelandic Christmas

Two days are filled with old-time Icelandic Christmas spirit, mixed with the wilderness experience.

From 1,429 USD

/per person
Hiking in Iceland
5 days/ 4 nights

5 Days Hike

Medium level day hikes mixed with storytelling, geology and natural history of the area.
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