Sample Itineraries to Iceland

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Check out our small sampling of the most incredible journeys to Iceland that we previously have planned. What you see is just a taste of what is possible. Each journey can be modified to your needs!

South Iceland


4-day getaway covering the main sites near Reykjavik including your special interests

Icelandic horses
South Iceland

Family Vacation In "Paradise"

6-day quality time with the family in exclusive settings

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Sample travel plans to Iceland

On this page you will find a few selected sample travel plans to Iceland that we made for clients in the past. This can serve as a great inspiration, if you’re in the proces of planning a trip to Iceland yourself. Please note that we are always there to help you plan the perfect trip to Iceland whether it being a couples trip, a family trip, a group trip or something else. Our vast knowledge of Iceland and local connections come in strong, when planning the perfect trip to Iceland.