How to find inspiration for your Iceland trip?


Many people around the world have Iceland on their bucket list, meaning that they dream of traveling to Iceland one day. But as with any other vacation or trip, it requires a lot of research and planning. One thing is the flight to Iceland, but another is what to do and what to see during the stay. Let’s dive into some of the ways to find inspiration for your Iceland trip.

Travel blogs

One of the popular ways to gather inspiration for your trip to Iceland is through travel blogs. The one you’re reading is one of them, but there are many more, even non-commercial ones where previous Iceland travelers or regular travelers share their experiences, insights, and travel tips. It’s a great and fast way to gather great inspiration for your own trip.

Travel books

A quite classical method, but one that is still relevant to this day, is travel books. Travel books are an easy way to gather inspiration for your trip to Iceland and they come in many types and sizes. We’re not just talking e-books vs. books, but also the scope of them. There are nature-focused travel books, sports-focused travel books, classical tourist travel books and much more. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a good chance you can find a great book with lots of inspiration.

Icelandic boutique travel agencies

One of the best ways to gather inspiration for your trip to Iceland is via local Icelandic travel agencies, such as Your Iceland. Local travel agencies differ by having their roots in Iceland, not just geographically, but also in upbringing personally. This is a unique way of tapping into the vast amount of knowledge about Iceland. Our clients often tell us how grateful they are of our services and that we helped them create a completely unique trip to Iceland, customized exactly for their needs and dreams. Some want to experience regular tourist places such as the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik, others don’t want that at all but instead want unique adventures and experiences or even interacting with locals, and some want the best of both worlds. This type of research and planning a trip to Iceland is not an easy feat via travel blogs nor travel books, and even if you feel you could do it, it would take a long time. By contacting us to help you, we make it very easy and you will know that this will be the trip of a lifetime. What’s not to like?

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