12 reasons why you should travel to Iceland in the winter months

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There are more great reasons to travel to Iceland than you can count. But not all that want to visit this beautiful and adventurous country consider going during the cold winter months. Perhaps because of the icy cold weather, but then again, a trip to Iceland is completely different from your sunny vacations to warm countries like Spain, Greece or Thailand. Here are 12 great reasons to consider going to Iceland during the winter months.

1. It’s cheaper than most seasons

Iceland is cheaper during the winter months. That both go for the airfare and living costs in Iceland. Are you on a strict budget, this might be the perfect travel period for you.

2. It is actually not that cold

Just hearing about Iceland during the winter months can make many people feel the freezing cold. However, the Icelandic winter is actually not as cold as you might think. The temperatures during winter averages around 0°c (32°F), which to many seems quite mild. But of course, you should still pack warm clothes and prepare in advance.

3. It is less crowded

Less popular travel seasons means fewer tourist. Even though we at Your Iceland always offer itineraries that are less crowded than the classic tourist destinations, it is even better during winter. So if you seek an authentic travel experience in Iceland, the winter might be your best choice.

4. Even more stunning pictures

Everyone that travels to Iceland wants to take a picture or two to remember their trip or perhaps share their experience on social media. During the winter months, the sunlight is perfect for taking amazing pictures as the sun never goes above the horizon.

5. A winter wonderland

This is an obvious one. Iceland during the winter months is a complete and utterly perfect winter wonderland. You will experience nothing like it anywhere else. From ice caves and frozen glaciers to snowy mountains and nature and hot springs.

6. Best chance to see the northern lights

This might be the absolute best reason. If you dream of seeing the northern lights in Iceland, you got the best chance during the winter months. See more under the Best time to see the northern lights in Iceland.

7. Hot springs feel even better

With the cold and chilly weather, you will, of course, feel even better when soaking and relaxing in the wondrous hot springs. The Blue Lagoon is a popular choice, but we can also recommend several other and less crowded hot springs.

8. Explore ice claves

In the coldest winter months, the glaciers will freeze and create ice caves. You can plan a tour to go hiking and exploring these ice caves. It is a truly unique experience.

9. Amazing coffee and pastries

If you like great coffee, then Iceland is a great travel destination for you. The Icelandic people drink a lot of coffee, just like the Scandinavian countries. Therefore you are almost guaranteed to try amazing coffee. You won’t find your usual commercial chains such as Starbucks in Iceland. That means you will get a more authentic coffee experience in the local shops. What’s not to like? And don’t forget to try some of the Icelandic pastries. They are great!

10. Something completely different from back home

Why do we humans travel? Yes, sometimes just to get a break from our everyday lives, but also to experience something different. And the Icelandic winter wonderland with all it’s unique and authentic experiences is something you don’t want to miss on your bucket list.

11. Get closer to the locals

Especially in the wintertime, the locals in Iceland spend more time indoors. Especially in pubs, bars, and restaurants. Often there is live music and a great vibe. It’s the perfect chance to meet some of the locals and feel what they feel.

12. Reykjavik’s beautiful Christmas lights

During the Christmas time, Reykjavik will be illuminated with beautiful Christmas lights. It is both quite practical during the dark days, but also give the city a very warm feeling. During December there will even be hidden Santa Clauses around the city which you can try to find. A fun activity for everyone.

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