Our Emphasis

We go the extra mile to track down hidden gems and unique experiences.


Local Feeling

We introduce you to people, places and experiences you otherwise might miss.
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Health & Well being

We help you maintain and improve your personal health and well-being while in Iceland.
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Slow Travel

We like you to give yourself time and truly immerse yourself in the place you are visiting.
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Welcome To Your Iceland

Your Iceland is a travel boutique, with customized itineraries and personalized services, helping you create your ultimate journey to Iceland.

You are probably busy with your daily life, dreaming of getting away to Iceland! But, without the necessary time to do research and plan your journey, the planning process quickly becomes overwhelming. But no worries – we are here to help!

We listen to your needs and then carefully create a trip to match. We take pride in partnering with local travel suppliers, offering
‘out-of-the-ordinary’ experiences, giving your Iceland trip a unique touch.

So, let’s save you the hassle! Let a professional plan the details for you.

Elfa Dröfn Jónsdóttir from Your Iceland
Elfa D. Jonsdottir
Founder & Your Iceland Travel Designer


To help you relax and enjoy, connect with nature, the local culture, and yourself!

Your Journey

However you like to travel, wherever your interests lie, and whatever the purpose of your trip may be, we can help! Get inspired by our tours and sample itineraries. What you see is just a taste of what is possible. Consult with us and your journey will evolve, considering both your needs and our ideas.



Sightseeing, Activities and Special Interests
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Sample Itineraries

Maybe we have already planned your dream trip!
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Company Retreats, School Groups, and Special Events
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Characterful Stays

With us, where you stay is very much part of the experience, therefore we select atmosphere lodgings wherever possible!
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Why Your Iceland

We bring value to your trip! Our goal is always to help you get the most out of your journey to Iceland. That is our commitment to you.


With our vast experience and local expertise, we guide you the right places.


We give you access to our community, and the local people's wisdom.


Your itinerary is our design work, and our creation made specifically for you.

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